ALB Services 2011

No. 5 Date 9/11/11  Launch time 20.18. Winds, southerly 3-4.

Description: Aldeburgh Lifeboat station launched the All Weather Lifeboat, ‘Freddie Cooper’  to a report of a fishing vessel with a net around its’ propeller.

The ALB made its way to the casualty, which was on top of the ridge bank, 3 miles south of Aldeburgh.  On arrival at scene, a tow rope was passed to the vessel and the ALB towed it to the mouth of the River Alde.  At this point a local fisherman took over the towing, back to berth at Orford.

The RNLI ALB ‘Freddie Cooper’ returned to station at 22.00.


No. 4 Date 20/09/11  Launch time 15.45.

Description: Aldeburgh Lifeboat station launched both the All weather lifeboat, ‘Freddie Cooper‘ and the inshore lifeboat, ‘Christine’, to a report of a motor cruiser in difficulty off Sizewell beach.  Follow the link below for more details. 


No.3  Date 28/08/11  Launch time 16.30, Wind SE 1-2

Description: Aldeburgh Lifeboat Station launched the RNLI’s All Weather Lifeboat ‘Freddie Cooper’ to a report that a yacht had run aground at the entrance to the River Ore.

On arriving at scene, the ALB was asked to standby the vessel until she refloated or required any further assistance.  Once the yacht was refloated, the ALB returned to station, at 21.15.


No.2  Date 02/08/11  Launch time 21.56

Description:  Aldeburgh Lifeboat Station launched the RNLI’s All Weather Lifeboat  ‘Freddie Cooper’ and Inshore Lifeboat ‘Christine’, to a report of a boat stranded at the mouth of the River Alde.

The RNLI ALB ‘Freddie Cooper’ was requested to launch at 21.52 to assist a boat that was stranded due to a rope around the propeller.  The RNLI lifeboat was launched at 21.56.  In shallow waters, the lifeboat crew, on the ILB, secured the boat to the ALB who escorted it to Sholtley Marina for repairs.


No. 1  Date 08/05/11  Launch time 13.14 Slight breeze, Sea State slight

Description: Aldeburgh Lifeboat Station launched the RNLI’s relief All Weather Lifeboat ‘Bingo Lifeline’ and Inshore Lifeboat ‘Christine’, after a report of a stranded motorboat south of Aldeburgh.

The RNLI ALB ‘Bingo Lifeline ’ was requested to launch by Thames Coastguard at 13.12, tasked to assist a stranded motorboat south of the Ridge.  The 42ft motorboat, with two people onboard, was sailing to Lowestoft when it lost one its engines and the crew also reported taking on water.  The RNLI Lifeboat was launched to assist the casualty at 13.14.  The RNLI ILB ‘Christine’ was also launched to assist in the rescue.  Once securing a line to the casualty, the motorboat was towed by the ALB towards Southwold, when the Lowestoft RNLI Lifeboat took over to continue its journey.

The RNLI ILB ‘Christine’ returned to Aldeburgh Lifeboat Station at 15.00 once the ALB was underway.  RNLI ALB ‘Bingo Lifeline ‘ returned to station at 18.15.

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