ALB Services 09

  • No 1         Date 10/03/09        Launch Time 17.30 hrs      Wind Force & Sea State WNW 3 Slight

Description:Launched following a report of a windsurfer being blown out to sea off Aldeburgh. Area searched by the lifeboat but nothing untoward was found. A fishing net marker could possibly have been mistaken for the surfer or they made their way ashore unseen.

Next Exercise

The next Lifeboat exercise is on:-

Monday 21st August 2017 at 11am.

Launches are subject to change.

ILB exercises – every Sunday at 9.30am and Thursday 6.30pm, subject to weather and operational requirements

Guild Events

2017 Aldeburgh Annual Treasure Hunt

2pm Saturday 27th May

Start and finish at the Railway Inn, Aldeburgh

£5 per head (£2 for under 16's) - picture puzzles, clues and route map supplied

Light snack available at finish


Treasure chest prize for the winners plus medals

Steven Saint Coxswain

Live Weather observation for Aldeburgh/Slaughden updated every 10 seconds

Weather feed provided by Slaughden Sailing Club
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