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Did you know that the cost of running the Aldeburgh Lifeboat Station and the two lifeboats approaches £200,000 a year? In 2012 the Aldeburgh Lifeboat Guild raised over £100,000 towards these costs.  By pledging a minimum of £5 per person per annum to become a Guild member you can help maintain this crucial financial support for the future.

President – Patrick Nicholls,

Chairman -Veda Crane

Secretary – Viv Holt

Treasurer – Ian Cox



Viv Holt Secretary –

Veda Crane  Chairman -



If you would like to become a member please fill out the membership application and send it to our ~Membership Secretary Veda Crane  at

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The AGM on Monday, 31st March  was very well attended, with over 50 Guild members and 14 crew members present

We were entertained by Sean McMillan, Chairman of Spirit Yachts, Ipswich who gave a very informative and interesting talk, with slides, on the history of his company.  He is pictured here with Rufus Gilday, the outgoing Chairman of the Guild.


Also pictured is Veda Crane, who now takes over as Chairman of the Guild.


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Next Exercise
ALB 'Freddie Cooper' and ILB 'Christine' will launch on exercise on Tuesday 15th April 2014 at 6.30pm. This launch is subject to change.
Guild Events
More about our summer events including Flag Day and Street Fair coming soon.
Steven Saint Coxswain

Steven Saint.
Coxswain of the Aldeburgh Lifeboat.

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