ILB Services 2010

No 6 Date 16/09/10 Launch Time 10.12 hrs Light breeze, Sea State Calm

Description: Aldeburgh Lifeboat Station launched the RNLI’s ALB ‘Freddie Cooper’ and ILB ‘Christine’, this morning, after a mayday call from a yacht 4 miles south of Aldeburgh.

The RNLI ALB ‘Freddie Cooper’ and ILB ‘Christine’ were requested to launch by Thames Coastguard, at 09.59, to a yacht 4 miles south of Aldeburgh.  The yacht was sailing to Southwold, when they got stuck on a sandbank and broke their rudder.  The crew then put out a mayday call. Both RNLI lifeboats were launched to rescue the casualty at 10.12, in calm seas and a light breeze.  After arriving to the casualty, at 10.25, the lifeboat crews finally managed to free the yacht.  The ILB ‘Christine’ returned to station, while the RNLI ALB ‘Freddie Cooper’ escorted the yacht for one hour, to observe if there were steering problems due to the broken rudder.  Once the crew of the yacht were satisfied they were able to proceed unescorted, they carried on to Shotley Marina.

The RNLI ALB ‘Freddie Cooper’ returned to Aldeburgh Lifeboat Station at 13.00.

N0.5  Date 31/07/10  Launch Time 15.07 hrs Winds 3-4  Sea State slight-moderate

Description: Aldeburgh Lifeboat Station launched the RNLI’s ILB ‘Christine’, after a report of an object seen drifting offshore.

 The RNLI ILB ‘Christine’ was requested to launch at 15.07, to an object that was seen drifting off the coast at Aldeburgh. The ILB ‘Christine’ searched the area for nearly an hour before the object was found.  Winds were 3-4 and the sea state slight-moderate.  During that time, the ALB ‘Freddie Cooper’ was put on standby, if further assistance was required.  On arrival to the casualty, the object was identified as an 8-foot inflatable dinghy, similar to that reported missing earlier, by a passing yacht.  The dinghy was taken into tow and returned to Aldeburgh beach.

The ILB ‘Christine’ crew returned to station at 16.35.

N0.4  Date 15/07/10  Launch Time 18.19 hrs  Gale Force 7

Description: Aldeburgh Lifeboat Station launched the RNLI’s ILB ‘Christine’, after a call to a dinghy stuck in the mud in gale force winds.

The RNLI ILB ‘Christine’ was requested to launch at 18.19, to a dinghy that was stuck in the mud on the River Alde. The Laser dinghy with 1 crew was trying to return to Aldeburgh Yacht Club after their rudder had broken.  As the winds were gusting at Force 7, they were blown on to the mud banks and could not get back. A member of the public called for help. The crew of the ILB ‘Christine’ were in the water by 18.32 and went to their assistance.  On arrival to the casualty, the dinghy was tied to the side of the ILB and its’ crew was evacuated into the ILB ‘Christine’.  The casualty was then brought back to the Aldeburgh Yacht Club.

The ILB ‘Christine’ crew returned to station at 18.50.


N0.3  Date 02/07/10  Launch Time 23.55 hrs  Sea State Calm

Description: Aldeburgh Lifeboat Station launched the RNLI’s ILB ‘Christine’, late last night, after a mayday call to a yacht taking on water.

The RNLI ILB ‘Christine’ was requested to launch at 23.55. The 33-foot yacht was anchored near Havergate Island, Orford. The 2 crew were trying to bale out the water, but realised they needed assistance, so put out a mayday call. The crew of the ILB ‘Christine’ went to their assistance and on arrival to the casualty, placed a member of their crew on board the yacht. With the aid of a pump brought by the ILB crew, they were able to remove enough water for the yacht to then be moved to Orford Quay for repairs. The RNLI ILB ‘Christine’ was launched in calm seas.

The ILB ‘Christine’ crew returned to station at 02.00.


N0.2  Date 30/05/10  Launch Time 11.30 hrs  Winds W/NW 5-6

Description: Whilst on exercise on the River Alde, the ILB ‘Christine’ was asked by a member of the public to assist their son, who had capsized his dinghy and required assistance.  The dinghy was being held onto shore by the wind and was unable to sail.  A crew member entered the water to assist the young sailor to re-float the dinghy.  After several capsizes the dinghy was towed to safety by the ILB.

The ILB ‘Christine’ was stood down and returned to station at 12.30hrs


N0.1  Date 25/04/10  Launch Time 09.45 hrs  Sea State Calm, wind S/E 2-3

Description: Requested to launch by Thames Coastguard following a report of a dinghy drifting at Havergate Island in the River Alde.  The dinghy had previously been seen with occupants, but their whereabouts were unknown.  Shortly after the ILB ‘Christine was launched,  the dinghy owners were found safe and well.

The ILB ‘Christine’was stood down and returned to station at 10.10hrs.

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