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Our shop is in the RNLI station building on Crag Path, you cannot miss it!

We stock almost everything from the RNLI catalogue and sometimes other things as well.

The shop is the cornerstone of our fundraising so please come and visit us and support the RNLI.



Daily 10.30-16.30 ( April- October)                                                               

Daily 10.30-15.30 ( November-December and March)

Weekends only  10.30-15.30 ( January – February)



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If you have a few hours to spare and would like to help out by manning the shop a few hours a week or month, please contact Michelle Bloore on 01728- 453670

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Next Exercise
The ALB and ILB will launch on exercise on Monday 17th August 2015 at 11.00am. This will be as a demonstration for Aldeburgh Carnival Day. This launch is subject to change.
Guild Events

6th April - RNLI Golf Day, Aldeburgh Golf Club

25th July - Aldeburgh Lifeboat Station Open Day

17th August - Aldeburgh Lifeboats Launch on Carnival Day

29th August - Street Fair - Aldeburgh Lifeboat Station

29th October RNLI Bridge Drive, Golf Club

20th November - Christmas Wine tasting, Russell & Newnes, Church Hall

Steven Saint Coxswain

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