ALB Services 2015

No.1 17/6/15  Description:  Humber Coastguard requested the launch of Aldeburgh ALB to assist a motor boat with engine failure off Aldeburgh.

After some initial confusion on the position of the vessel, it was located approx 3.5nm South East from the station, close to the Aldeburgh Ridge Bank. The vessel was not at anchor when on scene. The skipper stated they had suffered engine failure and suspected a fuel problem and requested a tow to his home port of Woodbridge, in the River Deben. Once the tow was established, the skipper of the vessel made contact with a local work boat from the River Deben and it was agreed the Lifeboat would tow to the entrance of the river. The work boat would resume the tow up river to his mooring at Woodbridge. When at the Haven Buoy, the tow was released and handed over to the work boat.

ALB returned to station.


No.2 10/7/15-  Description: Requested to launch the ALB by Humber Coastguard to a 32ft yacht aground at the mouth of the River Ore, Aldeburgh.

The ILB was also tasked.  As the ALB was approaching the casualty location, it was confirmed that the ILB had towed the yacht into deeper water, where they checked for water ingress or damage. No problems were found, so the vessel continued on its passage to Orford.

The ALB was stood down and returned to station.


No.3 13/8/15-  Description: Aldeburgh ALB was requested to launch by Humber Coastguard to a motor sailing vessel aground on the beach south of Orford Ness due to machinery failure and adverse weather.

A survey vessel was on scene, but were unsuccessful in trying to establish a tow.  Once onscene the ALB managed to connect a tow line and pull the casualty clear of the beach. A check was made for water ingress, but none was found. The casualty was then taken in tow to Harwich harbour and berthed alongside The Halfpenny Pier.

The ALB then returned to station.


No.4 8/8/15-  Description: Aldeburgh ALB, while attending Southwold RNLI Open Day, was requested by Humber Coastguard to launch following a Mayday Call from a motorboat.

The vessel had reported an engine room fire and needed immediate assistance. Both Aldeburgh and Lowestoft Lifeboats left Southwold Harbour to attend, Aldeburgh ILB was also tasked. Aldeburgh ILB and Lowestoft Lifeboat were first on scene and a crewman from the ILB transferred on board the casualty vessel. The owner of the motorboat stated that he had seen smoke and had an engine room fire. The engine room fire-fighting system had been activated, the boat had been stopped and all power turned off.  After initial assessment, no smoke was now present, but the engine room hatch was very warm to touch. It was decided that the vessel would be towed to the nearest safe haven and be checked over by the local fire brigade. A tow was established by Lowestoft Lifeboat and proceeded towards Orford Haven with Aldeburgh ILB alongside.When Aldeburgh ALB arrived on scene they took over the tow and proceeded to Orford Haven and Lowestoft Lifeboat were stood down and returned to station. On arrival at Orford Quay, the fire brigade checked the vessel over and gave the all clear. The heat and smoke was due to an overheated engine and turbo failure.

Both Aldeburgh Lifeboats were stood down and returned to station.


No.5 4/9/15-  Description: Aldeburgh’s All Weather Lifeboat, the Freddie Cooper, was launched in the early hours of Friday (4rd September), after there was a report of an abandoned and drifting yacht.

RNLI Aldeburgh All Weather Lifeboat, Freddie Cooper, was launched when it was reported that there was an abandoned and drifting 18ft yacht at the Gabbard Wind Farm.  Once the vessel was located, it was discovered that there was a single person on board.  The casualty reported that they had lost their rudder and unable to steer.  A tow was connected and the vessel towed to Harwich approaches, where Harwich ILB took over the tow into the harbour. Aldeburgh Lifeboat returned to station. Service duration just over 9 hours.


No.6 6/9/15-  Description: Requested to launch by Humber Coastguard to assist a leisure fishing vessel aground near to Orford Ness.

The Aldeburgh ILB was also tasked to attend.  It became apparent that the vessel was in The River Ore behind Orford ness and not on the sea side. The ALB was therefore stood down and returned to station. The Aldeburgh ILB continued into the river mouth to continue the service.


No.7 25/9/15-  Description: Aldeburgh Lifeboat Station launched the RNLI’s All Weather Lifeboat  ‘Freddie Cooper’ to a report of a vessel with engine failure, East of Aldeburgh.

The RNLI ALB ‘Freddie Cooper’ was launched at 18.00 to a 30-foot vessel, with seven crew on board. It reportedly had suffered engine failure and was drifting 15 miles East of Aldeburgh.  It was being assisted by a nearby vessel, who had taken the casualty into tow.  On arrival at scene, the ALB crew passed a towing line across to the crew of the casualty and took over the tow, continuing on to Southwold.  Southwold ILB was launched to assist in mooring the casualty.

Once secured, the RNLI Lifeboat ‘Freddie Cooper’ returned to station, arriving at 22.10.


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