ALB Services 2013

No.5  Date 07/12/2013   Launch time 10.20

DescriptionAldeburgh Lifeboat Station launched the RNLI’s All weather Lifeboat ‘Freddie Cooper’ to a Mayday call from a sinking fishing vessel, North of Aldeburgh.

The RNLI ALB ‘Freddie Cooper’ was requested to launch at 10.10 am, by Thames Coastguard, to respond to a Mayday call.  A 10 metre fishing vessel was rapidly taking on water and had placed a Mayday call when it became apparent they would have to abandon the boat.  While proceeding to the casualty, information was received that the boat had sunk in 3 minutes and the crew had launched their life raft.  Southwold RNLI ILB had also been asked to assist in the rescue. A Southwold fishing vessel was near to the scene and was able to secure the life raft until assistance arrived.  The casualty crew, who were shocked but well, were transferred to the Southwold Lifeboat and taken to shore.  The RNLI Aldeburgh ALB crew was tasked to make the area safe from shipping hazards, caused by wreckage from the sunken boat.  Having recovered all the visible hazards, the RNLI Aldeburgh ALB returned to station.


The ALB ‘Freddie Cooper’ returned to station at 12.18.


No.4  Date 19/08/2013   Launch time 09.58

DescriptionAldeburgh Lifeboat Station launched the RNLI’s All Weather Lifeboat ‘Freddie Cooper’  at the request of Thames CoastGuard following a report from a fishing vessel that had found a small dinghy at anchor with no persons onboard approx 7km south of Aldeburgh.

It was believed that the dinghy had been stolen from Aldeburgh beach the previous evening, which had been reported by the dinghy’s owner, who was safe and well ashore.  The ALB was tasked to conduct an expanding box search, extending from the dinghy’s position, looking for a possible person in the water.

Aldeburgh ILB, Harwich ALB and SAR Helo 125 were also tasked to search the area.  After a thorough search,  it became known that a further fishing vessel had found the dinghy drifting earlier in the day and had itself put it to anchor, stating he was unable to contact the coastguard to notify anyone.

With no reported missing persons and the area searched, the ALB was stood down and returned to station.  On return,  further information was received the dinghy may have been pushed into the water by some youths, but this is unconfirmed.

A false alarm with good intent.


Returned to station at 14.10


No.3  Date 13/08/2013

Description:  Aldeburgh Lifeboat Station launched the RNLI’s All Weather Lifeboat  ‘Freddie Cooper’ to a report of a vessel with engine failure, at North Shipwash.

The RNLI ALB ‘Freddie Cooper’ was requested to launch at 15.45 by Thames Coastguard to a call, from the crew of a 54-foot vessel, which had suffered engine failure.  The ALB was launched at 15.50. On arrival at scene, the ALB crew passed a towing line across to the crew of the casualty.  Once secured, the RNLI Lifeboat towed the vessel. Once at Harwich, the vessel was docked with the help of Harwich Lifeboat, due to the size of the casualty.


The ALB ‘Freddie Cooper’ returned to station at 23.00.


No.2  Date 26/05/2013  Launch time 13.50 

DescriptionAldeburgh Lifeboat Station launched the RNLI’s All Weather Lifeboat ‘Freddie Cooper’ and Inshore Lifeboat ‘Christine’ to assist in the search for unaccounted swimmers, at Southwold.

133 swimmers were involved in a charity swimming race at Southwold Pier.  Shortly after it started, it became apparent that a number of swimmers were struggling with the tide and cold sea temperature.  Southwold Lifeboat and Lifeguard Unit were quickly on scene, but as large numbers of swimmers were still unaccounted for, both Aldeburgh Lifeboats were requested to launch and tasked to search the area, in addition to Lowestoft Lifeboat.  After the area was thoroughly searched, the Lifeboats were advised that all swimmers had been accounted for, so were stood down.

Both boats returned to station at 17.00.


No.1  Date 04/05/2013  Launch time 16.08

Description: Aldeburgh Lifeboat Station launched the RNLI’s All Weather Lifeboat  ‘Freddie Cooper’ and Inshore Lifeboat ‘Christine’ to a report of a yacht aground south of Orford Lighthouse.

The RNLI ILB ‘Christine’ was requested to launch at 15.59 by Thames Coastguard, to a Mayday call, from the crew of a 37-foot yacht that had run aground on Orford Ness.  The yacht had suffered engine failure and the crew were unable to raise the sails due to the onshore winds.  On arrival at scene, the yacht was found to be on the beach and laid on its starboard side.  The yacht’s crew had managed to get ashore safely. The crew beached the ILB and checked the yacht’s crew were unharmed and didn’t need medical attention.  The yacht appeared to have no major damage, but was pounded by the onshore wind.  Once the ALB ‘Freddie Cooper’ arrived on scene, the yachts owner requested that an attempt was made in pulling the yacht free.  A Lifeboat crewman boarded the yacht and a towline was passed and connected to the ALB.  After a gentle pull, the yacht eased off the beach and refloated. Once freed, the yacht was checked over to ensure it had not sustained any damage.  With the owner’s permission, the yacht was towed to safety by the ALB, to the mouth of the River Alde. The ILB then took over the tow, taking the casualty further up the River Alde to Slaughden Quay and placing it on a suitable mooring.

The ALB ‘Freddie Cooper’ returned to station at 18.35 and ILB ‘Christine’ returned at 19.30.

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